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Apr 17, 2019

Identify which virtual servers are using a specific SSL certificate

We use a wildcard SSL certificate for our QA sites. There are many of them. I am renewing the SSL cert but have no idea which Virtuals are using it. Is there an easy way to determine this other than checking each and every virtual, listing the Client-ssl profile and then looking up the profile to see what certificate is being used?


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  • I would use cli for this.

    tmsh list ltm profile client-ssl | grep -B 13 -i cert-name.crt

    This should give you all the profiles associated with the certificate. Then you can search the virtual servers for any with the associate profiles.

    tmsh list ltm virtual | grep -B 12 profile_name
  • Hello Chris,

    This will give you a list of all virtual servers, and if it has your specific client-ssl-profile, it will be right below it.

    tmsh list ltm virtual | grep -E 'virtual|'

    That keeps you from checking each one individually in the GUI, and knowing which servers can expect the change.

    To check which client-ssl profiles are using which certificates, run

    tmsh list ltm profile client-ssl cert

    Best of luck,


  • I have similar kind of problem. i have multiple partition created on vcmp and it is very difficult to look which virtual server associated to which ssl certificate and respective exapariy date. do we have any easy mathod to check it