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Jan 14, 2011

iControl ruby library

Hi, after a couple of months of work I just finished my first version of the icontrol ruby library I was working on, I see that there is another thing going on in this topic, but I think, all due respect, mine is more mature.



The gem can be downloaded in:



The documentation can be found at:



And the project itself is maintained as a github project



At this point the whole library is implemented, i. e. you can access every functionally by now, but only locallb/[virtual_server,pool,pool_member,httpclass_profile] are fully tested.



If you feel you want to contribuite, testing parts of the library would be nice, contact me in that case.



Well, that'ts all any questions, just ask!



See yoU!


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    Hi magec,



    Thank you for introducing to your project. Having multiple options available is always a plus for everyone. I saw your project when I was doing research into building an iControl Ruby library and was very impressed. The reason I wrote my own was to avoid maintaining static code in future releases by leaving the logic in the WSDLs. In time, I hope the project matures to the point of our other iControl libraries. Thank you for your contribution to the community!



  • How do i print the statistics of a node via icontrol ruby


    I need to know a way to display the data in Common::StatisticType


    which gives the statistics of a node like connection statistics etc