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Oct 30, 2020

iControl REST filter from subcollections



I want to find where some node is used in different pool in my bigIp

so i did something like that


curl -sku admin:pass https://<ip>/mgmt/tm/ltm/pool?\&expandSubcollections=true\&\$select=name,partition,membersReference/items/name\&\$filter=membersReference/items/name%20eq%20myServerName| jq
 "code": 400,
 "message": "Query parameter $filter has invalid value membersReference/items/name eq myServerName.",
 "errorStack": [],
 "apiError": 1



someone does know how to make a filter on subCollection variable

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  • Hello Fred.


    Check this:




  • I dont think there's an option for this. from the guide its application for partition alone. Refer below,

    Parameter Description
    Specifies an administrative partition to query for a result set. This parameter filters
    the result set by partition name and does not fully implement the corresponding
    OData query parameter. The asm module fully implements the OData query

    But as a workaround, you can use the jq and do the select filter to extract the pool name for a given node name.