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Aug 16, 2011

iControl logging?




it exists a logfile for iControl?



I need the requests and responses for iControl.



bye Andreas


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  • Bigpipe:



    b db icontrol.loglevel trace


    bigstart restart httpd






    tmsh modify /sys db icontrol.loglevel value trace


    tmsh restart /sys service httpd



    wouldn't recommend leaving this enabled too long
  • Note Jason's last sentence: don't recommend leaving this enabled too long. It is VERY verbose and fills up the log file. What is your need for looking at the request/response payloads? If you are using Perl, there is a nice built-in client-side tracing facility built into SOAP::Lite. That's a nice alternative. I've found that the only real time I've needed to look at the payloads is when I'm using a loosely typed language like Perl or Python and need to make sure I'm packing the parameters correctly. Is that your case?





  • Hi,



    thanks to Jason.


    I will log a very short time ;-)






    yes i use perl for programming iControl. I use the debug-info from soap::lite but it returns confused values.


    I expect a little more info from the iControl. iControl returns an IP-error but the request required a poolname.



    You can see my problem in my other post (





    bye Andreas



  • Can you post the code you are using to issue the call and I can take a look.





  • Hi joe,



    i call the SOAP-method with Perl, but a direct SOAP-call with SOAP-UI doesn't work.



    I put the SOAP-request and - response to the attachement



    bye Andreas