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May 16, 2012

iControl application work takes too long.



I have a time issue.



My BIG-IP has:


241 virtual servers,


242 pools(each of which has several members in it),


222 nodes.



My iControl Java application scans the BIP-IP's object information periodically. It's operation steps and times are as follows:


(A) virtual server list --> 3sec


(B) virtual IP/Port list of given virtual server list(A) --> 5sec


(C) persistence profile list of (A) --> 5.6sec


(D) default pool list of (A) --> 2sec


(E) status of (A) --> 6.4sec


(F) pool list --> 1.6sec


(G) lbmethod list of (F) --> 2sec


(H) member definitions of (F) --> 30sec


(I) node list --> 1.4sec



In each step, I called the API function once and got the results in an array. That means there is no loop work. It takes 50 ~ 70 seconds from (A) to (I).



I think this scanning time is too long. Is 50~70 seconds normal for this scale? Or do you have some check points to advise?






YK Kim of Openbase
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