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Dec 09, 2011

Icap configuration in ASM




I want to configure ICAP redirection into BIG-IP ASM.


You can specify an IP address and port number into the configuration but no URI.


I want to redirect for example to icap://


In SOL12128, they speak about a hard coded URI.


But we are running v10.2.1 so this bug should be fixed already.


What is the hardcoded URI? How can you see this URI?






Tom Lauwereins


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  • Hi Tom,



    In 11.x I think you can navigate to: Application Security ›› Options : Advanced Configuration page and set the URI in the icap_uri field.



    If the field isn't there in the GUI in 10.2.x, I think you'll need to configure it following the CLI steps in SOL12128:




  • Any idea how to check this parameters into the box?


    I can't find any documentation concerning the /usr/share/ts/bin/add_del_internal command
  • Hi Tom,



    Can you clarify your question? The /usr/share/ts/bin/add_del_internal script is written in Perl so you can read the file to see what it's doing. But you shouldn't need to know the inner workings to add the configuration. You should be able to just run:



    /usr/share/ts/bin/add_del_internal add icap /avscan



    To verify it was added, you can run:



    mysql -p`perl -MF5::GenUtils -e "print F5::GenUtils::get_mysql_password"` -e "SELECT section_id, field_name, factory_value, current_value, value_type, value_min, value_max FROM DCC.INTERNAL_CONFIG_ITEMS WHERE field_name LIKE 'icap'"



  • When looking around into the config, I found that you can change the "icap_uri" value via


    Application Security / options / advanced configuration



  • Yes, in v10.x once you add the internal config item using the add_del_internal command you'll be able to configure it via the GUI. It should be there by default in v11.