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Mar 04, 2021

iCall Trigger event for executing a command

Hello All,


I have to execute the below script at exactly 08:00AM on a particular day, this is not a periodic event. this is a one time execution of a command but I want to do it with an iCall script.


sys icall script profile_change {

app-service none

definition { 

exec modify ltm profile client-ssl xyz@example.com_C defaults-from new_parent_profile


description Parent_Profile_Change

events none



Can someone help me write a handler for this script?


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  • you can use periodic and use the options to make it sure it only runs once (ie first-occurrence, high interval and last-occurrence) , see the example and your options here:


    root@(ltm2)(cfg-sync Standalone)(Active)(/Common)(tmos)# create sys icall handler periodic testme ? 
      [object identifier]  Specify a name for the handler item 
      "{"                  Optional delimiter 
      arguments            Specifies a set of name/value pairs to be passed in as data to the script for every execution 
      description          User defined explanation of the item 
      first-occurrence     Specifies the date and time of the first occurrence this handler should execute 
      interval             Specifies the number of seconds between each occurrence of this handler's automatic execution 
      last-occurrence      Specifies the date and time after which no more occurrences will execute 
      script               Specifies the handler's script to execute upon invocation 
      status               Manage the perpetual process by specifying active or inactive