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Oct 28, 2010

IBM WebSphere 7.0 Redirection Issue

I'm having an issue with IBM WebSphere 7.0 w/IBM HTTP Server and a post redirection after during the signon process. The secure signon page displays and when I enter credentials and hit submit I get redirected to the HTTP virtual server.



I'm using the F5 as SSL offload device and I do not have SSL enabled on the WebSphere server. If I manually modify the URL after redirection everything works fine over SSL.



I know that Oracle WebLogic has a HTTP header that be can provided to disable the redirect functionality. Is there something similar in WebSphere?




Is this problem be solved with an iRule? I tried using the Rewrite Redirection option set to all and that didn't make a difference.






Primitive map:




Client ---- HTTPS ----- F5 ---- HTTP ---- WebSphere







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  • I resolved my issue. I followed the instructions on this page:



    Navigate to Servers --> Application Servers --> AppName01 --> Web Container --> Custom Properties.


    -- Click "New". For the Name field, enter "httpsIndicatorHeader". The value field should be the name of the customer HTTP header variable inserted by the SSL accelerator/proxy/load balancer. WebSphere Application Server does not look at the actual value of the header variable.


    -- Save the changes and restart the server.



    In addition to the new custom property I also had to add a virtual host for :433



    I'm not sure if the field name for the custom property is case sensitive, but IBM mixes case frequently in their documentation. The lowercase 'H' works for me.