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Sep 02, 2020

I create Attack signature and still in staging although I change it to blocking



I have create attack signature which block the request if it is containing some words.


the status of my signature is :


Staging: No

Learn: Yes

Alarm: Yes

Block: Yes

Enabled: Yes


What i dont understand is :


when i try to access the blocked link i still can access it

And when i go to : Security > Event Logs > Application > Requests

F5 see it as an attack but in the status of "Applied Blocking Settings" is still Staged?



The Enforcement Mode of my policy is : Blocking



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  • Hello Abdulmajeed,


    This is possible because of 2 reasons:

    1) "Signature Staging: is enabled for all signatures globally - you can check it on "Security ›› Application Security : Policy Building : Learning and Blocking Settings" page under "Attack signatures" or in the list of attack signatures per policy

    2) Staging is enabled for appropriate entity. In your case this is URL, on which this signature was detected.


    Thanks, Ivan