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Jul 01, 2024

I cannot activate the license on BIG-IP-NEXT

Hello everyone, I have a BIG-IP Central Manager virtual server on Vmware and set up a BIG-IP Instance . My system does not connect directly via the internet but points through a Proxy. When I activate the license with New Token according to the instructions, then The following message appears: Licensing-0013: Unable to get F5 signed certificates post "" dial tcp: lookup product on 100.75. 0.10:53 server misbehaving.
Please can anyone tell me the cause and how to fix it. Thank you very much. JRahm 

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  • Hi qweranibus,

    CM is not yet supporting outbound proxy (but is planned near-term), therefore you would need to use the "disconnected" mode as explained in the link you mentioned to activate your trial license.

    Marcus 🙃

  • Marcus-f5Thanks for answering my question. I also tried activating the license using "Disconected mode" with Postman according to the guide, but at the step "Upload Bulk report to license server" the result "Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND" appears. Hope you can answer me more.

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      the variable ts_api_url should resolve to Can your postman reach the web?
      You could exchange the variable with this url in the request URI. This error seems to indicate your postman cannot reach our


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        Marcus-f5I replaced variable ts_api_url with as well as your IP address, then the result appears: "Error: connect ECONNREFUSED". It seems that the reason is because Postman in my system cannot connect to the Internet or point through the proxy. So I probably cannot activate the license in my system. Thank you very much.