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Sep 11, 2015




I was able to configure linerate as reverse proxy and replicate HTTP traffice and it works greart but now i need to replicate HTTPS traffice but HTTPS traffice didnt pass from line rate to the real server ..


could you please help me with that its really critical?




  • It looks like there are two things you need to modify here in your config:

    1. setting the service types to HTTP from TCP on all VIPs/VSs/RSs
    2. configure the virtual server VIPs to be defaults

    Here is a summary of what you will need to update in the configuration. Keep in mind, you will need to admin-offline these items before being able to change service type.

    virtual-server vsSecondary
    attach virtual-ip vipSecondary default
    virtual-server vsSecondary1 
    service http
    attach virtual-ip vipsecondary1 default
    real-server rss-rep1 
    service http
    virtual-ip vipsecondary1
    service http
    virtual-server Webssilo1 
    attach virtual-ip vipsweb1 default

    Doing this, I was able to replicate your configuration and successfully pass traffic to the original servers and replication servers for both HTTP and HTTPS. This should get you up and running, too.

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