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May 10, 2012

HTTPS Monitor on non-standard port fails

After v9.3.1 upgrade to 10.2.3, HTTPS monitors on non-standard ports were failing (ie 401, 402, 8080, etc). Switching to a simple TCP monitor brought the VS up.



Unfortunately I didn't have time to troubleshoot in the maintenance window. I hope to get around to labbing this and figuring out the issue that way. But I have to assume this has been seen before, so if someone has an idea please let me know!


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  • When I upgraded from 9.x to 10.x we ran into an unexpected issue with our custom monitors. We had to explicitly add a linefeed (\r\n) to the Request commands. You might not have the same issue because you would also see it on custom HTTP checks, but reviewing the Release Notes might help explain behavior.



    In terms of troubleshooting the monitor, you could always add the original monitor in addition to the existing tcp monitor. Just make sure you change the pool settings to only require 1 monitor. At this point, you can make adjustments and capture traffic without affecting the availability of the pool members. This is what I normally do when I want to gracefully phase in a new monitor for a pool. This way, I avoid taking down a pool if the new monitor has issues.
  • Yea I am aware in the change in behavior between the versions and planned for that. but during the upgrade process it auto added the \r\n to the monitors. That wasn't the issue since the monitor worked on 443 VSs but not other ports. That is a good idea for troubleshooting the monitor. I plan on getting around to that eventually but I know someone on this forum has seen this before :)