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Apr 06, 2018

https get health monitor

Im having trouble getting a https health monitor to work.. below is what the developers wants but I just cant get it working...when I browse to the page I do see the Initialized message page...I would appreciate any help on this please. !


For healthcheck: curl


Return string: Initialized


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  • Few tips:

    • Perform telnet to the pool member first.


    • If the above passes, then make curl test to see whats the data you get,

    curl -kv

    When you run the above, you should see the string

    , if you dont see that it means, the backend server is not returning it.

    • If you think that server does returns the string
      but still LTM is not finding it, there is a limititation to it too only if the string is placed after 5,120 bytes into HTTP data. Refer the below article, if this applies in your case.

    K3451: Content length limits for HTTP and HTTPS health monitors

    Is your ltm pool marking your server as up or down for now ?

    • If your ltm pool is marked down, try changing the recv string to
      200 OK