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Apr 12, 2024

http protocol compliance

Hello All, 


We experienced a issue with specific end user only, when user is accessing a application he is getting error message , on basis of support ID we came to know it is "http protocol compliance failed" violation on ASM.


We are not able to find the exact feature in http protocol compliance field which is blocking user to access the site. 


As workaround we have unchecked the block option of "http protocol compliance failed" in policy building > learning policies and things started working. Can anyone please share what to look for actually in the violation details to implement the recommended solution as what we did is workaround only and may not be recommended fix.



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  • If you navigate under  Learning and Blocking Settings under Security  ››  Application Security : Policy Building, there will be 19 sub-violations under HTTP protocol compliance failed. Under report of event logs for any block request provides details of this subviolation and you can create exception for disabling that particular subviolation only.