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Nov 05, 2016

http_process_state_prepend log meaning

Hi everyone, i am seeing this log occasionally under var/log/ltm


Nov 4 03:30:31 slot1/LB-2 err tmm1[19961]: 011f0007:3: http_process_state_prepend - Invalid action:0x109040 serverside (x.x.210.138:8080 -> x.x.210.20:11489) clientside (x.x.4.218:64882 -> x.x.200.37:443) (Server side: vip=/Common/vs_gip_epias_443 profile=http pool=/Common/epias_pool_gip server_ip=x.x.210.138)


I have checked the firewall logs also, there seems to be retransmits about these packets. I mean this packet is one copy of 5-6 times retransmitted packets. (I see arbitrary source ports to the same dst addr and dst port on firewall)


Does anyone knows what this log means?


I've googled the error, no results.




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  • Did you reach to root cause of this. I'm also receiving same error for 1 VIP having client certificate authentication iRule