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Nov 10, 2010

http_host modification impossible on 4.x?

Dear all,



I went through the archives and through the documentation, so this is pretty much my last resort forum to figure out whether there still is no way for this to work.






Company uses domain internally, and externally. However, they don't own, but their internal 3rd party enterprisy servers are set up for only working with



So what I really would need is:



if (http_host equals "") {







Now I find plenty of examples showing that this works on 9.x, but it is my understanding that this does not work on 4.x. Is my understanding correct?


Note that F5 doesn't want to sell a new license even because the box is too old, even though the upgrade works just fine.


Redirect is not an option because the company does not own, any other thoughts?






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  • Hi Eric,



    I don't believe there was a way to rewrite the Host header in 4.x. I guess you could run this through an Apache box with ProxyPass: