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Feb 06, 2017

HTTP Compression Query on LTM Version 12 ?

Has the compression changed the way it was in Version 10.2.4 and Version 12 ?


Earlier we had observed if we had a URI list (For 8-10 URI's) and Content list enabled together in lower version 10.2.x the compression used to get applied to those urls as well as to the eintire website hence we had to disable the Content List which is by default for 'text' and 'x-application/javascript'. That worked fine till we upgraded the boxes to version 12.


Post upgrade to version 12 we observed we had to additionally enable content list for compression to come into play. OK fine we did that for compression to work.


Now have encountered a strange thing compression only works for the respective URI's and content type but seems F5 is stripping the compression that is coming back from Server.


User ----------------> F5-----------------> Server (Compressing the content to GZIP for uri /abc/xyz/server.js


When run a fiddler on User machine we see the requested URI which the server had gzipped does not come with GZIP encoding.


Now If


1) I remove the content compression on F5 the response comes with gzip enconding. 2) If I add that /abc/xyz/server.js in the content compression profile attached on the VIP response again comes with gzip encoding.


I am struggling to understand why F5 is stripping the Server side compression when sending the response to the Client.


If anyone has got any clue what has changed in V12 which is causing the F5 to behave erratic ?