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Jun 06, 2017

HTTP AAA Server Configuration

I'm trying to setup a Tableau applicaiton server behind a Big-IP using Kerberos but the server admins are having problems with their configuration. As a fallback, I'm trying to setup a HTTP AAA server with custom post for the authentication type. I can't test the configuration unless the admins abandon Kerberos, and we don't have any other websites using HTTP authentication, but I wanted to go ahead and configure the other AAA server just in case. Can anyone provide any insight for these questions:


  1. I set the successful logon detection type to "By Specific String in Response" and I need to set the "Successful Logon Detection Match Value" to not -1. Is any REGEX syntax acceptable in this field?


  2. I need to send post data for the username and IP address. Can I pull these values from APM session variables, i.e. client_ip=%{session.user.clientip} ?


(Here's the tableau documentation for trusted tickets


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