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Feb 07, 2024

HTTP 1.1 concurrent to HTTP 1.1 Pipelining

What is the limitation in HTTP-1.1 TCP stream using concurrent connection? If we want to have multiple concurrent requests without waiting for the response to be completed in a TCP stream what to do? Any experience in transactions from  1.1 using HTTP pipelining. it will reduce SSL handshake need but how it will work for user using the application. F5 profile with http1.1 will support it? do we need to configure something else?

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    Using Multiplexing will help you, it is only supported in HTTP/2 



  • I'd avoid HTTP pipelining if possible. It doesn't offer benefit over normal keep-alive in the context of reducing SSL handshakes. It's also somewhat rare to see in actual use, which increases the risk of incompatibilities between the client and server and the risk of vulnerabilities like request smuggling. Also it looks like Chromium doesn't support it.

    Reducing SSL handshakes is the main purpose of BIG-IP's "OneConnect" profile, it allows re-use of already open TCP channels.

    Here's a good post that discusses it: