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Feb 24, 2012

how to use SNAT to enbale internet access on server





i have setup a test LAB on LTM VE , i would like to know how can i enable the internet acess on the server using SNAT ,i don't want NAT because its one to one .i want all the pool member should be able to go on internet ,Can some one list the steps .








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  • Hi Harsh,



    Do you have one or multiple VLANs? Are your clients and servers on separate VLANs? If so, you can configure a forwarding virtual server on and enable it only on the VLAN the servers are on. You can then set the servers' default gateway to the LTM self IP on their VLAN to pass the outbound traffic.



  • i replied your question in thread below. please let us know if it does not work.



    NAT Pool Servers Outbound Internet Traffic