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Oct 10, 2018

How to use a BIG IP EDGE CLIENT for connecting to vpn using OTP --token-- from linux.

linux terminal


f5fpc --start -b -x --host --nocheck --user --password but it gives connection failed. f5fpc -i

Connection Status: logon failed


As we are using OKTA to verfiy but here we don't have any option to give okta key, so can anyone please help regarding this, how to pass okta key to f5fpc command in linux. installed BIG-IP Edge linux client that install the f5fc command but I can't log on due to there isn't option for the OTP by CLI.


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  • I would love to know if this can be done. We have a requirement that the VPN must be at least two-factor, and the Linux users are having problems with the Web Client while the CLI (f5fpc) works fine. Except can't submit OTP codes.


  • Today I tried the linux cli client also, but without successful user authentication. I cant find the variable for the username and the password at the access policy. It seems like they are different than the web portal or they doesn't work. Can anyone help?

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      this is fixed -you allways have to use a form-based logon page

  • A 2-factor-authentication is possible. I configured it with otp and ldap (AD) authentication. But you have to put both together as single password.

    i.e. OTP password + ldap password

    Thats possible for us, because the otp value is always a 6 digit value.

    So you have to split them at VPE, create a Radius and a LDAP authentication and thats it.

    But with this solution, you don't have any control about the client, only about the user.