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Sep 29, 2014

How to setup F5 LTM to allow powershell commands through VIP to exchange servers for Airwatch

We have recently purchased F5 LTM to loadbalance MS Exchange 2010. Used Iapp to set it up and it works great. Now we are looking to deploy Airwatch for mobile devices and Airwatch needs to use powershell to talk to the exchange servers. I have been searching high and low and don't seem to see what I need to configure for powershell through VIP. We are using same URL structure as email vip, example (works) (doesn't work). Any tips,trick, or config help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


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  • Powershell by default uses different ports:


    You can either define new virtual servers and pools on those ports or switch CAS servers to listen on 80/443 as described in the article above.


  • Ah, yes....I think I know what's happening. The iApp configuration has an iRule that only checks for incoming recognized protocols/applications (OWA/EWS/Autodiscover, etc.) and selects proper persistence method and then select the pool. Since /powershell is not a valid protocol extension in the iApp's realm, it's getting dropped. Thinking about this some more, I'd suggest to simply create another two virtuals(or one, if you just do HTTPS) on default powershell ports 5985/5986 and a dedicated pool of CAS servers on those ports. Sorry for the initial confusion, if I caused one. :)


  • dk 01,


    I am having the same issue but cannot find a way to fix it. Were you able to fix this issue?