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Aug 26, 2021

How to set up internal Vlan2 properly

Hi. I'm following the cbtnuggets guide click by click yet i can't get my vlan2 ( up the F5 only pings itself no response from, nor 0.11, 22, 33 webservers. My settings are exactly the same as the instructor's settings both on the server and vmware workstation, yet I can't ping the webservers (, 0.22, and 0.33) on the same vlan2 network where the webservers can ping each other (and as well)

Where to start? What to check?


(cbt nugget link ch5 License and base configuration video showing how to set up vlans)


vmware 16.1.0 build-17198959

bigIP BIGIP-13.1.1-0.0.4.ALL-scsi.ova

please let me know what else can I post

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  • Hi gabecz,


    I haven't looked at the cbtnuggets guide, but it sounds like a layer 2 connectivity problem. Have you made the correct configurations in the VMware switch component?



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    Hello gabecz,


    I guess that you set up a custom (host-only) network for vlan 2. If your web servers reach each other and also your host, then please check your big-ip network adapter on your vm.

    Do you see the mac-address of network adapter for vlan2, when you check the arp records on your big-ip device?

    In addition to that, you can start a tcpdump on big-ip specifying your lan interface and please check if icmp requests reach your device, when you start an echo request from any webserver on the same vlan.

    Last but not least, you may try to remove and re-add network adapter for vlan2. Do not forget to check virtual network editor on your vm.