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Aug 24, 2023

how to send only audit logs to syslog server

We have a syslog server to send logs.  Now the requirement is to send only audit/authentication logs to another remote server using tcp. Possible to do from GUI?

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  • Hi Nandhi , 
    To send Logs to remote syslog servers , accomplished by 2 methods : 

    1. Syslogng utility which runs over Linux : 
      • in this method you will face some difficulties to filter / or send specific log messages such as your scenario here of "Audit Logs " by Gui. 
      • you can send Audit logs by configuring syslog-ng but this can be done only from CLI , to do that follow this article , it just simple modification using some simple linux commands.
    2.  High speed logging ( HSL ) and this run over TMOS : 

    So first method needs CLI interactions whereas secon method can be done using GUI. 

    I hope you find my comment useful ! 🙂