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Apr 15, 2011

How to report iControl bugs?

Are there any developers who frequent this forum who would be willing to accept a bug report? I've run into a situation where fast_cgi/icontrol crashes :(



I can point you to a thread in the pycontrol forum if you would be so kind as to take a closer look.



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  • From my understanding, support is supposed to take on issues with iControl when it's causing a server fault like this. DevCentral is for support when developing applications, but if you are calling the method correctly and it's causing a crash on the server, then that is beyond what we can do on DevCentral to help out. I've looked at your trace on the other forum thread and tested it against my 10.2 system and can't get it to crash for me (although I used different VIP and vlan names in my tests). I even tried testing out bogus parameters and when I tried to pass in a bogus VLAN, I received a correct SOAP Fault from the server


    SOAP-ENV:Server Exception caught in LocalLB::urn:iControl:LocalLB/VirtualServer::set_vlan()


    Exception: Common::OperationFailed

    primary_error_code : 17236789 (0x01070335)

    secondary_error_code : 0

    error_string : 01070335:3: Virtual Server xxxxxxx refers to nonexistent Vlan yyyyyyyy

    I'm following up with our support group to find out what the policy is here, but I would mention that you had the support staff on DevCentral look at the code and it looked correct and that you believe it's an issue with the product.


  • Joe: totally agreed, and I was going to ping you on this issue but I don't need to do that now :) I'm also unable to repro this issue so I suspect something is going on with the system or the particular version of code. Mwhite, please do post the case number when you reopen this, so we can cite it internally.