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Sep 25, 2019

How to enable Secure Web Gateway (SWG) in BIG-IP VE

Hi, I'm Joseph Park working at sdn/nfv/cloud system for Samsung SDS.

I'd tried to test BIG-IP VE (BIGIP-15.0.1-0.0.11.ALL-vmware.ova) with trial version now.


But in my test version, I cannot test Secure Web Gateway (SWG). it is unlicensed state now.

The other modules are important to me, I'm only focus on the forward proxy for web...


How can I get trial license on the SWG?

Please let me know or email me the guide if possible.


Thank you in advance.

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  • Hello Joseph,

    For me you are only need theses follwing licences to test the Secure Web Gateway (SWG) :

    • LTM Licensed
    • APM Licensed


    SWG license is optional, it's a subscription licence who includes Forcepoint (URLs Categories Database updates).