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Sep 22, 2021

How to Configure a VIP where Backend is JDBC



Please help me with some guideline as per below requirement.


How to configure a VIP in F5 that will have an Oracle Server at the backend and that its JDBC. JDBC Backend Server will listen on a Custom Port like 2488.


Client will connect to the database using SSL/TCPS. That means VIP has to listen on 443 ? And with this type of setup to secure the connection from Client to F5 , I need to add SSL Cert. Is it possible for this type of JDBC VIP ?


If I want to create a VIP based on the above requirement ,


-- What type of VIP I should Create ? Standard , Performance Layer 4 ( if I use this will not be able to use Cert )


-- Which iApp I can use ?


-- What will be the monitor type ?


-- Will it be SSL Bridging or SSL Offload ?


-- If SSL Bridging Same Client to F5 Cert should be installed at Backend Server ?