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Jun 16, 2022

How to change the default boot location

Hi Experts , 

We traied to upgrade the F5 , but after activating HD1.4 with ver F5 reooted but got stuck in initial config page ..

After config the initail config again the F5 loaded with old partition HD1.6. So how can we change dfault boot locaton ?


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  • you can change default boot location

    excute "switchboot" command on bash mode and then you can choose default boot location 

    thank you

  • Hi, 

    So in System > Software Management > Boot Locations

    You'll see the drives as you have noted in Image list.

    You'll not the Unused boot location will have a "link" on it.
    click that, it'll take you to another page, where you get the option to "Activate" the location and REBOOT!
    Be warned, make sure you are in the right big-ip and you are ready for the down time / maintenance window.
    So this will start the reboot process!
    I've done it once when i thought i was in a different box, and rebooted something i shouldn't have!