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Feb 11, 2021

How export the configuration of a VS and all its dependencies and migrate it to new F5 guest?

Hi Experts,

I would like migrate all Virtuals Servers and all its dependecies (pool, nodes, profiles, monitor, persist, iRule... ) from a VLAN and partition to new F5 guest.

these VSs are belong to X partition and some times these VSs call other objects from common partition like profiles, monitor...

in new F5 will have the same VS configuration, vlan, partition name, ip...

How I can export a VS and all its dependencies (no matter where they are there) to one file? then I will use

tmsh load sys config merge 
to configure my new F5 guest.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • there is an automatic method, you will have to follow these up yourself and combine them im afraid.


    something like bigip report might help a bit though.