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Jan 18, 2022

How do I deploy multiple virtual servers/pools/nodes at once

Seeking your expert opininon please. I am tasked to implement about 100 virtual servers/pools/nodes in the LTM and about 50 GTMs so I would like to know if how can I implement/deploy this number in the shortest possible time?


Thank you in advance.

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  • Application delivery configuration is not an easy task, as your 150 services will likely vary one from another and use different combination of profiles and other configurations from the very very many available in BIGIP.


    If you can gather all information first, deployment can be made more agile.


    If you're confident with TMSH syntax, there's a python script available here that might turn useful:


    you can adjust it to transform a .CSS file where you put all the Virtual Server information into TMSH commands ( I would personally modify that bigip.ltm.virtuals.virtual.create line into proper tmsh syntax ).


    This way you will have lines that can be just pasted into TMSH shell for rapid deployment.

    The script might turn useful in creating pools and other custom configuration objects as well.


    For bulk SSL files import, check K15021 (BIGIP version earlier than v14) or K57492533 (v14 +)

  • Thanks for the answer. I actually dont know python so what i usually do is to put everything in excel then use the concatenate command to form my commands which i then copy-paste to cli.