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Apr 20, 2011

historical view of pool connection statistics




I am new to F5 and would like to know about the logging of F5 BIG IP load Balancer. We are using BIG-IP 9.4.7 Build 320.1 Final and i need to see the pool's statistics (Nodes up down with timing) of two days before. Currently from the GUI, i can only see the current active connections and it doesnt provide any historical information.



Please help me as i am new to F5.



Thanks a lot in advance.







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  • Hi Dathan,



    There are some improvements coming in v11 (in beta currently).



    For past versions, wee this post for a suggestion:




  • Hi Aaron,



    Thanks a lot for ur help. So without having an external graphing software like Cacti, i will not be able to see history info from the BIG IP. I will update with my management and get their acceptance to install cacti.




    Thanks a lot for quick reply