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Mar 07, 2015

High Speed Syslog using pools in a specific Route Domain



we are configuring High Speed Syslog, and the remote syslog server is in a non-default route domain.


We are not receiving any kind of traffic and we suspect it is because the servers are not in the default route domain (we will confirm it soon).


Do you know if there is any command (like there is for the GTM) to use High Speed Syslog inside a non-default route domain?


Thanks a lot!




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  • what module are you referring to? this is what i understand.

    For AFM, device-config DOS and L7 DOS (DOS profile) can use non-default route domain for hsl logging.  
    For PSM (prior to 11.6), ASM (WAF) must use default route domain for hsl logging but we can create additional virtual server (in default route domain) to send hsl log to pool member in non-default route domain.
  • For HSL to work in cases where you have multiple domain, the pool should be in common partition.