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May 03, 2020

Help needed for irule to deny wildcard uri with exceptions

Hi folks,


Need your advise on creating an irule for the below requirement


need to block the following uri* with an exception if SAML appears in the URI


like lets say should be allowed but all other URI's with /cloud should be blocked


Thanks in advance.

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  • Use a Local Traffic Policy with a First Match strategy.


    K15085:  Overview of the Local Traffic Policies feature (11.4.0 - 12.0.0)


    Create a rule with conditions

    hostname is

    HTTP URI begins with cloud

    HTTP URI contains saml


    that forwards traffic to the pool



    Create a second rule to redirect requests starting with cloud to somewhere else (or drop the request)




    Finally add a final default rule that forwards all requests to the pool.



    Order your rules so that they match in correct order:


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      Works perfectly. Thanks a lot Simon :)