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Jul 23, 2011

Health Monitoring: building a receive string

I can't seem to get my http receive string health monitor to work: probably because the server responds with invalid hostname error (I discerned this from telnetting to it from the F5). I can't see how to populate headers with these checks. Is this something to use an irule for?



Problem: Want to receive a string: some string


When I invoke it, server gets marked as down


Diagnosing it, the server responds to generic telnets on port 80 with invalid hostname (IIS 6). Obviously it works fine from a browser and I can see the string from a browser. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

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    Nope. iRules are used for doing 'stuff' to a connection from a client to the server behind (Or the response).

    Monitors are either 'simple' ones configured from the monitors GUI in the web interfaces, or more complex ones that you can write in perl or bash (Called external monitors) that can do whatever you like.

    To configure a simple monitor for a web server that needs the host head, use something like

    GET / HTTP/1.0\r\nhost:\r\n\r\n

    in the HTTP request field.