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Oct 15, 2020

HA kubernetes master setup using bigip

I am trying to setup a HA kubernetes cluster with 3 master node using Bigip. I have setup the VIPS added the wild card cert and server profile. I created an associate pool with all three master node ip and port. I followed this doc: to step as per their instruction. I am getting error below error during cluster bootstrapping. Do we need to manually upload any certificate to bigip to make it work? Kindly help. Thank you!

Oct 15 06:24:13 celvpxxx4756 kubelet: E1015 06:24:13.068806    7083 reflector.go:153] Failed to list *v1.Pod: Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

Oct 15 06:11:35 celvpxxx4756 olcne-agent: #033[36mINFO#033[0m[15/10/20 06:11:35] Setting state on the agent running  kubernetes-control-plane {"desired_state":"installing","kubernetes_version":"1.17.9-1","image_repository":"","apiserver_advertise_address":"","apiserver_cert_extra_sans":"","service_cidr":"","pod_cidr":"","apiserver_bind_port":"6443","kube_proxy_mode":"iptables","load_balancer":"","token":"","pod_network":"flannel","is_primary":"true","is_master":"true","join_command":"","upload_certificate_key":"0f07db8bb9f606043e4d32648a4c0a3fc004138df274a256c2c56a076406e0fd","etcd_image_tag":"3.4.3-1","coredns_image_tag":"1.6.5-1","pod-network-iface":""}