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May 28, 2015

HA config



i hv 2 f5 , and will configured as HA. gone through the Q&A and found some said required floating IP..


here is the settings:


F5-1 and F5-2 as active standby IP add configured respectively on both devices

Internal Self-IP as vlan55 Internal Floating -IP as vlan55 HA-IP use vlan_HA Internal VLAN ID - VLAN_HA VLAN HA_ID - default vlan id


both device use the same VIP n pool members

VIP address pool members name 1 pool members name 2


i had completed the HA without use of floating IP. i still can do fail-over from active to standby and vice-versa.


i have doutbs as below:


if floating ip still necessary ? how to check ? if required to configured floating ip for HA Failover- what is the steps (besides of create Network ›› Self IPs , I created a name called floating__ip) what is the next steps?


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  • When using HA in active/standby mode the virtual servers will move to be active on the device which is active ( via Gratuitous ARP ).


    Where you are using the F5 without SNAT or using it as a router then you also have self-IPs that are required to float to the active device. If you use SNAT and no network virtual servers then you don't need the floating self-IPs.


    Look at this solution article for best practise on v10: