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Mar 23, 2011

GUI Command Logging?

I am trying to see if there is a way to log commands executed in the GUI to the audit log, the same as what happens when executing command line commands. Basically I want to capture who removed a pool member, or disabled an interface, or created a new configuration item (self ip, VS, pool, etc). Is this possible to do for the GUI?



This is what we get for CLI executed commands:


Wed Mar 23 07:25:04 EDT 2011 mwintrode 0-0 mgmt route list:


Wed Mar 23 07:28:48 EDT 2011 mwintrode 0-0 mgmt show:


Wed Mar 23 07:29:00 EDT 2011 mwintrode 0-0 route show:



I want similar for GUI commands, maybe not to this level, but at least when an item is created/deleted or enabled/disabled. I hope this is possible.



Thanks --Mike


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  • You might want to enable MCP audit logging. If you're in the GUI, go to system -> Logs -> Options and simply enable it.


  • Geez, can you tell I'm new to this? I think I was more surprised that CLI logging was on and not the GUI. Thanks for that!