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Apr 15, 2011

GTM Virtual Server causing iquery problems on Standby LTM




The logs on our GTM's have been reporting the following errors every few minutes.



Monitor instance bigip *.*.*.*:443 UP --> DOWN from gtmd (no reply from big3d: timed out)


SNMP_TRAP: VS (ip:port=*.*.*.*:443) (Server BIG-IP_Pair) state change green --> red (VS : Monitor bigip from gtmd : no reply from big3d: timed out)


Monitor instance bigip *.*.*.*:443 DOWN --> UP from (UP)


SNMP_TRAP: VS (ip:port=*.*.*.*:443) (Server BIG-IP_Pair) state change red --> green



A support call has been logged with F5 and found the GTM's cannot query the status of the virtual servers on the standby LTM (Active LTM is fine). An iqdump from the GTM's returns no information from the standby LTM.



Apparently this happening because of a virtual server created on the GTM. I've looked in to this and found a zone file on the GTM which contains an A record for the domain associated with this problematic GTM virtual server. The strange thing is this isn't a website we host so I have no idea why a wide IP, Pool and Virtual server have been created for this website.


The virtual server on the GTM contains the public address of this website and for the translation IP address there's a wildercard entry I was advised to remove this virtual server from the GTM to fix the problem as the GTM was trying to query a virtual server on the LTM which doesn't exist which in turn is affecting the standby LTM.


When I removed the GTM virtual server I performed a dns check using but this failed so I quickly re-created the virtual server on the GTM.



Basically I require the GTM to responds to dns requests for this particular website which is hosted elsewhere without trying to query the LTM. I didn't remove the Pool or the Wide-IP should I have done this too?



Any help much appreciated.




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  • Hi Dazzla. I'm not sure I can answer your question given the way you have framed it. However I can tell you we also had this problem a while back. It turns out that we had removed a virtual server from an LTM which was still referenced by a GTM, resulting in the GTM randomly marking virtual servers up/down. Like you, we were instructed to remove the missing virtual server from the GTM config which resolved the issue for us.