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Mar 16, 2012

GTM talking to Partitioned/Route Domains LTM




At 1 Data Centre we have a single GTM and a pair of LTMs, the LTMs are configured with 2 partitions, with1 route Domain per partition. the only IPs on that LTM are the mgmt and the ones in each route domain.



The GTM needs to communicate to the LTM using iquery and port 22, I've added the server addresses in the GTM - the self IPs of the LTMs in each route domain. I have achieved connectivity between the devices, however the GTM is not learning the Vitual Servers in each of the LTMs configured in the GTM. I also have other wierd behaviour regarding iqdump.



I've carried out some investigation and found the statement in the config guide:



When you configure a Global Traffic Manager to communicate with other BIG-IP systems, the IP addresses of the system servers must reside within the default route domain on the BIG-IP system. Otherwise, the Global Traffic Manager cannot communicate with those systems. For more information about configuring route domains, see the TMOS® Management Guide for BIG-IP® Systems.



The IPs we are using on the GTM are not in the ‘default route domain’ but are the ‘Partition Default Route Domain’.



Do I have a valid configuration or do I need addtional addresses on the LTM to provide connectivity to the GTM.

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  • Did you do bigip_add on both? what happens when you do iqdump from the GTM to the LTM, or vica versa?
  • Hi SLowes, My version appears to be 10.2.1 - so I assume this is an issue unless I upgrade to 11?
  • David,


    I have stumbled on a similar issues while configuring Route Domains on LTM and having GTM talk to the LTM.



    I have performed the procedure in the following Doc, but with no success:



    Do you have any input on this?