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Jan 12, 2018

GTM Source IP Redirect to Specific Pools iRule

I'm trying to redirect clients to specific pools based on the clients IP address through an iRule. I created this iRule in the GTM and it seems to be working fine however, I'd like to set client networks in the rule instead of "starts_with" in an effort to keep this rule as short as we add more and more clients. I've tried "equals "" however that didn't seem to work. Anyone have any ideas on what I could do to achieve my goal?




when DNS_REQUEST { if { [IP::client_addr] starts_with "10.80." } { pool pool_10_80 } elseif { [IP::client_addr] starts_with "10.96." } { pool pool_10_96 } elseif { [IP::client_addr] contains "172.27." } { pool pool_172_27 } }




Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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  • You can use

    so that you may use a CIDR mask notation for the subnet:

    when DNS_REQUEST { 
        if { [IP::addr[IP::client_addr]] equals "" } { 
            pool pool_10_80 
        } elseif { [IP::addr[IP::client_addr]] equals "" } { 
            pool pool_10_96 
        } elseif { [IP::addr[IP::client_addr]] equals "" } { 
            pool pool_172_27 
  • GTM never sees real client IP but LDNS IP.


    if all internal users uses the same DNS server, the GTM will answer based on the DNS server IP.


  • Is there a way around this at all? I think this preventing the topology LB from working, from what im reading.