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Feb 20, 2012

GTM LB Methods

CPU mode:


The CPU load balancing mode selects the virtual server that currently has


the most CPU processing time available to handle name resolution requests.




Question: How doesGTM knows about CPU of VS ?




Kilobyte/Second mode




Question: How doesGTM knows about Kilobyte/Second of VS ?






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  • In past versions I think it was global BIG-IP CPU for the unit the VS was on. Since we added per-LTM VS CPU metrics in 11.1 it could potentially be per VS for the GTM metric now. You could open a case with F5 Support to confirm/correct this. If it's not per-LTM VS CPU metrics in 11.1, you could ask to have a request for enhancement opened. If you do, ask Support to reference BZ216992 for some background info.



    The Kb/sec mode could be per VS as that's been available for a while.



    The communication between GTM and LTM is performed over iQuery.