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Jul 04, 2011

GTM domain name answers

hi all, i'm trying to understand a little better the wonders of the DNS process and the GTMs place in it. When a local DNS server of a client sends a query to a pair (Active and secondary sites) of GTMs (Authoritative DNS) for a domain name, would typically both GTMs respond or only one in the pair?




If the local DNS expects two answers and only one GTM responds, for example, only the Active site GTM, how long will the local DNS wait before it no longer 'cares' about a response from the other GTM (ADNS)? Is there a standard timeout?


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  • Hi Mhuss3y,


    Both GTM would respond as long as they are listening on 53 and that you have listed both of them as a name server.



    AS far as the local DNS server is considered the GTM looks and behaves like a typical DNS server. So the Local DNS would initiate and respond to the GTM as if it was interfacing normally to another DNS server. The amount of time for a timeout for local DNS to no longer care is up to the local DNS server settings.




    I hope this helps