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May 31, 2012

GTM Design help




I am new to F5 GTM product and would like some design guidence please.



We are planning to purchase two F5 GTM 1600 appliances, one in each data center. We are planning to use GTM to direct ssl web taffic to a juniper sa6500 appliance (sitting in a DMZ), having a active standby setup, so DC1 been the primary site and DC2 being the backup site. The DC's dont have an interconnect so only connected via the WAN.



1. How do the GTM's sync between each other. As it will sit between the internet router and external firewall, do they communicate over the internet or through the internal network?



2. If one of the GTM's were to fail I assume the other GTM would take control and direct traffic to the live DC?



3. Regards to DNS, its a case of registering a domain name, getting an ISP to point NS server for that domin to the GTMs?








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    1. GTM's use a sync-group, so whatever you configure on one GTM, is automatically replicated on the other.


    2. As I understand it, your registrar (ex. markmonitor) will reply with both GTMs address for NS queries, so if 1 of the GTMS were to go down, the secondary GTM should then be queried for the particular record, which should result an a response.


    3. You are correct.



  • Thanks for you reply.



    When setting up a GTM sync-group I assume its best practice to route traffic between GTM's over the internal WAN network and not over the internet?