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Mar 06, 2017

Google bot Unreachable on 301 redirect iRules

Hello, premise: I'm not managing directly the F5, I'm just the web designer of the company, so I'm pretty new with this kind of stuff;


I’m migrating all European websites (ccTLDs) of the company I work for to a global one (.com), and I have some issues with the google boot and 301 redirects.


For example, what I'm doing:


  • >
  • >
  • …etc..

My system eng. suggested me to implement the redirect with F5 iRules. This means that the actual flow is:


Local domain name DNS changed to the F5 IP, inside F5 I put the iRules to redirect the pages to the new global website:


i.e. > F5 > script for the redirect 301 >


The iRules code I used is the following:


            if { ( [HTTP::host] eq "") or ( [HTTP::host] eq  "" ) } {  
                           if { ( [HTTP::uri] contains "/AccessoriesForFillingMaterials/AmalgamAccessories/AmalgamGuns" ) } {
                                              HTTP::respond 301 Location ""
                           elseif { ( [HTTP::uri] contains "/AccessoriesForFillingMaterials/CompositeRestorativeSystems/CompoRoller" ) } {
                                              HTTP::respond 301 Location ""



Now, the problem I have concerns the “Change of address” feature in Google Search Console (Webmaster tool):


Search Console notify me that “Cannot confirm that 301-redirects work properly, we couldn’t crawl your site. Check that Googlebot can crawl the root of your site using the Fetch as Google tool” Then, when I go under “do Fetch as Google” the system returns me the status “Unreachable”.


When I use RexSwain on the HTTP version of the old URL, I get a 503.


Receiving Header:

Can someone help me to understand why google boot cannot find anything?


Thank you in advance,


Best regards


  • Found the problem: the root cause was the firewall of F5


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  • Based on the header provided, it looks like a server error and not F5 error.

    Try doing this:

    curl -IL

    You should get a 301 redirect as the 1st response and then try to follow what the subsequent responses are in order to identify the problem.

  • Found the problem: the root cause was the firewall of F5