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Nov 03, 2021

Golang SSH script for F5?

I am testing a small program written in go to SSH into an F5 do some work but still getting a failure to connect . Has anyone else ran into a similar issue? Code is below:


package main


import (








func main() {

devices := make([]string, 0)


devices = append(devices,



// An SSH client is represented with a ClientConn.


// To authenticate with the remote server you must pass at least one

// implementation of AuthMethod via the Auth field in ClientConfig.


config := &ssh.ClientConfig{

User: "xxxxxxx",

Auth: []ssh.AuthMethod{



HostKeyCallback: ssh.InsecureIgnoreHostKey(),




for _, d := range devices {

client, err := ssh.Dial("tcp", d, config)

if err != nil {

log.Fatal("Failed to dial: ", err)



// Each ClientConn can support multiple interactive sessions,

// represented by a Session.

session, err := client.NewSession()

if err != nil {

log.Fatal("Failed to create session: ", err)



// Once a Session is created, you can execute a single command on

// the remote side using the Run method.

var b bytes.Buffer

session.Stdout = &b


if err := session.Run("ls -l"); err != nil {

log.Fatal("Failed to run: " + err.Error())




err = session.Close()

if err != nil {

fmt.Printf("Failed to close session for %v\n", d)






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  • Hi,

    Using inspiration from the golang tmsh library GitHub - yukirii/go-tmsh: Golang wrapper library & CLI tool for BIG-IP Traffic Management Shell (TMSH). You just need to handle the keyboard interactions. 

    By creating challenge response struct and function. 


    type keyboardInteractive map[string]string
    func (ki keyboardInteractive) Challenge(user, instruction string, questions []string, echos []bool) ([]string, error) {
    	var answers []string
    	for _, q := range questions {
    		answers = append(answers, ki[q])
    	return answers, nil
    answers := keyboardInteractive(map[string]string{
    		"Password: ": "*****",


    Then your config will look like so now


    config := &ssh.ClientConfig{
    		User: "******",
    		Auth: []ssh.AuthMethod{
    		HostKeyCallback: ssh.InsecureIgnoreHostKey(),