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Dec 07, 2010

Getting the Support ID in the response header

Is there any way of getting the F5 Support Id ( in the header or in the URI of a redirect URL?






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  • Hi DJ,



    This varies based on the ASM version. See SOL7825 for details:



    SOL7825: Redirecting a blocking response support ID to an external error page




  • The issue I am facing is that on AJAX pages, the HTML is not executed. We can get to the blocking response page by either specifying a response type of "Redirect URL" or specifying a custom response header (see below):

    HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
    Content-Type: text/html

    The problem is that in either of these cases, the support ID does not appear. Any further ideas?

    (BTW, the custom response HTML is exactly like that in 7825, that is:

  • That seems like a bug if the support ID variable isn't being substituted. Which ASM version are you running?



  • ASM 9.4.8 is the version.


    To be clear, the support ID variable is being substituted in the response HTML. It is NOT being substituted in the custom response header. I also thought that if we specified a type of "Redirect URL" instead of "Csutom Response", that the support ID variable would be substituted in the URL.


    I guess not... So is this expected behavior or a bug?
  • That makes more sense. The ability to insert the support ID in redirects was "lost" around 9.4.x. You can workaround this limitation by using the custom response with a meta-refresh. I'm fairly sure there is a CR requesting the addition of this back. You could open a case with F5 Support asking to have your case attached to the CR to raise its visibility.



  • Hoolio,



    I'm not familiar with that feature being in place prior to 10.x. Do you remember the code branch you saw it on pre-9.4.0?



    the meta-refresh option doesn't appear to work with the ajax page load.
  • Hi Josh,



    I'm pretty sure it was in ASM from 9.2.0 - 9.3.x. I can look for the CR later if you are interested.



    I'm not sure what the options are for sending a blocking response that will work with Ajax. Hopefully someone else will have ideas. Else, you could open a case with F5 Support.



  • The CR that was fixed for this was CR110865. It looks like this worked from 9.2.0 - 9.4.1 and was fixed in 10.1.0.



  • Ido,



    Checked with the software engineers, and this is their answer:



    " Multiple frameworks are used, depending upon the application functionality, including:


    • Dwr


    • Jquery


    • {Home grown} "