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Apr 25, 2020

Getting ready for F5 101 exam

Dear All,


This question may not be relevant in this forum. But I would really appreciate if you can help me to get clear my doubts on taking the exam. I was able to find some certification guide through F5 documentations. But I was unable to find a official certification guide. Can any one just help me on how to prepare for the exam.


Thank you,


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  • this is the main place to go for cert info


    there are no official study guides, F5 does not create or publish those. you can find some very nice unofficial ones


    on cloud docs there is:


    and a paid one worth looking into is by Philip Jönsson & Steven Iveson

  • Hope you can get an answer. I've been studying also and have found anything else then the "Exam Blueprint" furnished by F5.

  • Hi Jonathan,


    Thank you for your reply.


    Did you sit for 101 exam?


    Thank You,


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      No, I haven't sat down for the exam. Not sure if that is even possible with COVID-19 so fresh.

  •   ,


    Thank you very much for your valuable comments.



  • Guys, i pass 101 today. This is second time (bzos 1st one got expired due to Covid-19) i gave 101 & both time result is pass for me. Only difference between 1st exam(given in 2018/June) was more focused on CCNA & basics of F5 LTM knowledge from Study guide written by Eric. But this time 101 was challenging for me, bzos F5 has focused on CLI commands to know along with some exhibit's based question to test your basics understand when troubleshooting f5 issues. I believe to pass this exam need some basic understanding on setting up F5 box using cli commands. I wish best of luck to everyone who is in track of achieving f5 credentials🥇