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Apr 05, 2012

From LTM VE trial to full license

After succesfully trying the the trial edition on our ESX environment we've decided to purchase two virtual LTM's.



I figured it would be as simple as installing the new license on the trial boxes but it says it is the wrong version.



Can anyone advise me a good upgrade / transition path from the trial devices to the normally licensed devices?



Can I do something like a backup/restore, or do I need to completely reconfigure the devices?



thanks in advance for replying!




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  • Hi Jaap,



    I'm not sure what the officially recommended process is, but I'd take a UCS of the 10.1 trial, install that on a new 10.1 VM and then upgrade to 10.2.x or 11.1.x. If you get errors in the UCS installation on the new VE, you could try to just copy the bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf files from the trial to the new VE and load those with 'b load'.



  • Thanks for that Aaron, it was a bit what I was afraid of :)



    You'd think an upgrade from trial to full should be possible a little bit simpler than this.
  • Yep...that would have been logical.



    This will basically be like an RMA replacement, so:



    set the hostname on the new VE to same as the trial


    back up the /config/bigip.license on the new VE (might as well get a UCS from it before you make any changes)


    install the trial UCS


    copy back the new VE's original license to /config/bigip.license


    run reloadlic from the CLI



  • Thanks, I'll give it a shot and let you know how it worked out.



    Unfortunately the download of the 10.1 ISO is very, very slow...