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Aug 25, 2023

fqdn Pool member as IP VS in the same device or in the same 1 IP management or same box

Hii Everyone,

I have a  VS, snat automap, and using fqdn member that resolve dns in IP (10.1.1.x). Can I using the fqdn member (10.1.1.x),  as IP VS  in the same box or same ip management?? it can works ? If can'nt, what is the reason ??


Thankyouu so much ....   

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  • Hi Satriaji 

    Are you saying you want send traffic from one virtual server to a FQDN pool member, that happens to also be a virtual server on the same BIG-IP? 
    If so, there is a supported way to do that called Vip targeting Vip, and you use an iRule or a Local Traffic Policy to do that.

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      Hi JRam,

      Yeah, the VS that using the fqdn member, the fqdn member as IP VS in the same bigip.

      So, I have 3 VS. Called VS_A, VS_B, VS_C.

      The configuration is :

      VS A (IP VS : 10.1.1.x:443) member (a,b,c,d)

      VS B (IP VS: 10.1.1.x:80) member (a,b,c,d)

      VS C (IP VS: 172.x:80) member fqdn that resolve (ip vs A & ip VS B 10.1.1.x) Using rewrite configuration. 

      The rewrite configuration is :

      Type : Request

      Client URI : http://172.x/ (IP VS_C)

      Server URI :


      If the VS C created in the same box, its cannt running, but if the VS_C i create in the different box using same configuration, its works. 


      How to resolve it ?



      The fqdn member resolve IP





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        I'm not sure I understand what your goals are, and how this configuration is serving them. Can you take a step back and state your goals for each VIP and what traffic from what source needs to be managed?