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Jan 05, 2017

Forward Compatibility with Irule BIG-IP APM with OWA 2016 and IE10 or Google Chrome

Morning All,


Re: Which irule should be used to resolve the error "Access policy evaluation is already in progress"


We are currently on BIG-IP 11.6.0 Build 6.0.442 Hotfix HF6 but I cannot guarantee that the device will not be patched to v11.6.1 HF1.


Should we deploy the normal irule and will this be a issue in the device is upgraded to v11.6.1 HF1? Is there any issues deploying the irule for v11.6.1 HF1 instead?


 if { [HTTP::cookie exists "IsClientAppCacheEnabled"] } {
 HTTP::cookie "IsClientAppCacheEnabled" False



Code when HTTP_REQUEST {
if { [HTTP::cookie exists "IsClientAppCacheEnabled"] } {
    HTTP::cookie remove "IsClientAppCacheEnabled"
    HTTP::cookie insert name "IsClientAppCacheEnabled" value False

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    If you go with the second rule that explicitly removes/inserts the cookie, you should be fine on any version.


  • I think the second irule is the go... maybe the first one should be removed from the guide it only confuses matters.




    Btw... the Office Online Server farm with the Office Web App Iapp looks ok in our dev environment. :)


  • Hi,

    I think you should use this irule:

    log local0. "manu4: [IP::client_addr] from user agent: [HTTP::header value "User-Agent"], [HTTP::uri]"
    set landinguri [ACCESS::session data get session.server.landinguri]
    switch -glob $landinguri {
        "/owa/plt1.ashx?*" -
        "/owa/sessiondata.ashx?appcacheclient=1" -
        "/owa/userspecificresourceinjector.ashx?*&appcacheclient=1*" -
        "/owa/manifests/appCacheManifestHandler.ashx?owamanifest=1" {
            ACCESS::respond 403 -version "1.1" noserver "Connection" "Close"
            ACCESS::session remove

    (it's been written by @Stanislas).